We have extensive experience having helped a portfolio of high technology public and start-up companies in their pursuit to grow revenues, as well as building strong strategic customer and industry partnerships. This experience has been with companies like Seagate, Quantum, 
Xylogics, Radisys, Phoenix Technologies, Solectron, Luminys, SilverStorm, Agile Software (Oracle) and Wittenstein High Integrity Systems.

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Bringing in specialized, experienced talent for solving your unique business problems is always a benefit, both in time and cost. This is true of all industries and especially with high tech startup companies, who use this approach in initial staffing in order to reduce their risks. For many companies that live quarter to quarter, bringing in expert help is the best road to success.

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Consultant & Contract Services,
helping to grow your business
AddedSolutions - Marketing and Sales Consultant Services
 Helping to Grow Your Business

Celebrating over 10 years in business - a Marketing and Sales Consultant Services Company


A Silicon Valley California based Company - offering business development, marketing,
                             sales consultant services to California businesses

About AddedSolutions


Regarding our traditional 
consultant services :

AddedSolutions provides focused and unique Business Development, Sales and Marketing contracting services -
   a.) to companies that are trying to solve some important problems with today's
       structure, operations, market promotion or revenue performance.
   b.) to companies that need help and guidance in expanding their business.

David Vandenberg, Business Development
Background - Marketing and Sales in High Tech
Education - Univ. Mass and Stanford Univ.