Business Consultant Services



1. Corporate Business Development  
   -  "Go to Market" Strategies and Plans
    -  Business Modeling
    -  Partners and Alliances
    -  Competitive Analysis

2. Corporate, Account and Product Sales Planning
    -  Sales Channels : OEM/Reseller/Direct/Web
    -  Territory Plans
    -  Major Account Planning
    -  Sales strategy sessions and brain storming
3. Marketing Services
    -  Research - target markets, target customers
    -  Product positioning and and margin analysis
    -  Partner, Channel market and product promotion
    -  Product competitive analysis
    -  Product training - sales tools, demos, presentations

4. Internet and Search Engine Marketing
    -  PPC Advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Bing
    -  Developing target market, territory Ad campaigns
    -  Daily management of each Ad campaign - bidding, keyword optimization
    -  Analytics monitoring and interpretation, with optimization
    -  Monthly detailed reports

5. SEO (search engine optimization)
    -  Web site SEO checkup and analysis
    -  Keyword research using top industry tools
    -  Applying over 100 SEO techniques to web sites to rank Top 10

Recommended Reading :

1. "The Everything Selling Book" by Marguerrite Smolen

2. "The 25 Sales Strategies That Will Boost Your Sales Today" by Stephen Schiffman

3. "Hope Is Not A Strategy" by Rick Page

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