Marketing Consultant Services



Product Marketing is a critical backbone function to a company. From the extensive work required to write MRD's, to the focused work of market, channel and customer promotion. AddedSolutions can help your team in doing the proper homework and preparations required for successful launches of products and technologies.
AddedSolutions can help augment your resources in the following areas :
a.)  Defining product customer/market requirements
b.)  Research - target markets, target customers
c.)  Product positioning and messaging
d.)  Developing new product "promotion" presentations (features/benefits)
e.)  Product Life Cycle process
f. )  Product and margin analysis
g.)  Product competitive analysis
h.)  Partner and Channel product promotion
i.)   Product Demos
j. )  Business Plan development
k.)  Website design, development and promotion (with SEO)
l.)  Trade show assistance

AddedSolutions offering Marketing Consultant Services
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Marketing Consultant Services