Sales Consultant Services



AddedSolutions offers a wide range of contract services relating to sales in the following areas : Strategic Sales and Major Account Planning.

A. Strategic Sales
Sales Channel and Territory Plans are important to effective and strategic selling. With opportunity cycles being 3 to 16 months, well thought out plans 
defining sales execution improve the chances of optimizing the return. This takes dedication and needs a corporate process that ensures the plans are periodically updated and management reviewed. Meeting sales targets takes teamwork and formal sales plans.

AddedSolutions can help augment your resources in the following areas :
a.)  Developing Sales Channel Plans
b.)  Developing Sales Territory Plans
c.)  Setting up New Sales Channels
d.)  Validating current Sales Channel effectiveness
e.)  Improving specific Sales Channel output
f. )  Optimizing Sales team and territory organization
g.)  Comparing/applying OEM vs Reseller vs Direct vs Web channel sales
h.)  Providing motivating Sales Compensation Plans
i. )  Partner and Alliance Plan development and generation

B. Major Account Planning
In today's complex sales environment, Major Account Planning (MAP) becomes a corporate necessity. It is a key sales tool used to land, keep and maintain critical account business. The MAP articulates the target account's overall business, account objectives, department objectives, account management organization (where's the power and decision maker), sales objectives, revenue objectives and much more (critical, actionable content that is continuously updated).

AddedSolutions can help augment your resources in the following areas :
a.)  Choosing the right MAP format
b.)  Help in developing the MAP process
c.)  Facilitating interactive departmental MAP processes
d.)  Obtaining "not so easy to get" critical account data.
e.)  Obtaining info on the competitive landscape



AddedSolutions offers Sales Consultant Services
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Sales Consultant Services